Plans Based On Two Different Technologies

Dodo is providing plans according to both NBN and ADSL technologies. Users get the opportunity to choose from wide varieties of plans available which ensures their complete satisfaction. Not only that, it doesn’t affect your pocket that much; for instance the unlimited data cost for a month is just 60$. DODO also benefits the users who opt for their electricity and gas program. These benefits can be in the form of discounts, bills according to the payment options and many more.

Plans For NBN

Around three plans are available for NBN that includes Standard, Turbo and Supercharged varying with speed and data limit.

Plans For ADSL

For ADSL modems there are only two plans; one with 101GB limited data and another with an unlimited data plan.

Network Status

Internet speed varies depending on plans and can lie between 5Mbps to10Mbps for ADSL and 11Mbps to 100 Mbps for NBN.

Cost-Effective Range

Ecological and Flexible range options starting from $50/month and all of it with great coverage and a lot of data.

Add Entertainment To Your Plan

Add the incredible Fetch TV with just $15/month and enjoy latest movies, series and live TV all in one place.

Mobile Plans

Enjoy Up to 20GB data, unlimited Local and National calls and Texts with just $15/month for first 6 months.

Superb Internet, Fetch TV And Home Phone Plans

Situated in Melbourne, Dodo is one of the most acknowledged internet Service providers in Australia. The company provides various internet plans and broadband including the following: NBN Pans, ADSL2 Plans, Fetch TV Bundles, Unlimited Plans, and Month to Month Plans with different ranges. Australia proffers expert assistance regarding setup of dodo modem and issues that came at the time of setup. Started back in 2001, they had built a name of themselves as the most efficient and cost-effective internet service provider in Australia. Known for its various internet services, it also provides mobile phone services and even gas and electricity services too. The plans are available for various needs specifically covering from light users to very heavy users.

How To Setup Dodo Modem?

Note that the following guide is for FTTC Modem setup

  • Look for the cables provided in the boxes with a modem, there should be following cable wires i.e. power cord, telephone cable, two Ethernet Cable, and Power Adapter.
  • After you receive confirmation mail or text regarding your Dodo service, you can start setting up your modem.
  • You’ll receive a setup guide with your product, for clarity purpose and for diagram guide you can refer to that.
  • Connect the connection device to the Power outlet through the power cord.
  • After that, connect your telephone cable to the connection device inserting the other end of the cable to the telephone wall socket.
  • Now you need to connect your modem to the connection device through Ethernet cable. One end of the cable should be inserted in the blue WAN port of the modem and the other to the yellow port (C) of the connection device and then connect it to the power outlet.
  • Power on your modem from the on/off button on the side of it and then wait for around 15 min to get a secured connection.
  • After 15-20 min, the first four lights of the modem should glow.
  • Locate the SSID and WLAN Key on your modem and connect to Wi-Fi.

Get The Best Setup Assistance For The Best Internet Service

The step by step setup guide of dodo modem provided in is effective and accurate. The procedure is straightforward and one should be able to set up without any trouble. To clarify the procedure you can also refer to the setup guide provided with your modem package. After successfully setting up the modem, carefully search the SSID name on your device browser and then use WLAN key as a password to connect to Wi-Fi. The focus of Dodo Setup Australia is to provide you with proper and accurate setup instructions and regard you if you face any trouble in the process.

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